Deutsch: Rosé Dornfelder Qualitätswein trocken, Briedel 2015, Mosel English: Rosé Dornfelder Qualitätswein trocken, Briedel 2015, Mosel Français: Vin allemand: Domaine Alfred Reis: Moselle Vin Riesling, Rivaner et Dornfelder vins rouge, vin mousseux. Español: Vino Aleman: Bodegas Alfred Reis: Mosela Vino Riesling, Rivaner y Dornfelder vino tinto y rosado, vino espumoso. Svenska: Tyskt Vin: Weingut Alfred Reis: Mosel Vin Riesling, Rivaner och Dornfelder rött vin, mousserande vin.
Rosé Dornfelder Qualitätswein trocken, Briedel 2015
Inhaber: Werner Bremm
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Rosé Dornfelder Qualitätswein trocken, Briedel 2015


Briedeler Rosé
Dornfelder Qualitätswein

11,57% vol , RS: 13,3g/l, WS: 6,0g/l

Wine # 15
0,75 l btl., Price: 3,50 Euro
1l: 4,67 Euro

This Rosé is from the wine growing region Mosel. The wine was made of Dornfelder grapes of the vintage 2015, which were grown in the vineyards of the village Briedel. The taste is dry.
The Dornfelder is the most successful new red grape-variety. It has a dark colour, is fruity (raspberry, blackberry), fragrant, full-bodied and complex.

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