Deutsch: Mosel Weingut Alfred Reis: Herzlich Willkommen in unserem Weingut in Briedel, Mosel English: Winery Alfred Reis: Welcome at our winery in Briedel, Mosel Germany Franšais: Domaine Alfred Reis dans Briedel, Moselle Allemagne Espa˝ol: Bodegas Alfred Reis, Briedel, Mosela Alemania Svenska: Weingut Alfred Reis Briedel, Mosel Tyskland
Winery Alfred Reis: Welcome at our winery in Briedel, Mosel Germany
Inhaber: Werner Bremm
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Werner and Kriemhilde Bremm

Welcome at our winery!

You are invited to taste our wines!
Try our sweet-fruity, semidry and dry quality-wines and experience hospitableness in familial atmosphere.

Wine romantic is an essential part of the holiday at the Mosel! Therefore we invite you to become acquainted with our traditional winery. Tradition and advancement combined equal, our family plants vines since over 300 years. The Riesling-grape grows very good in the steep slate-slopes. Carefully pressed after the vintage, and developed in oak-wooden casks, this guarantees typical and digestable wines. High and highest prizes prove our special quality.

Our Wines: Mosel: Riesling Spätlese sweet, Riesling Spätlese dry, Riesling Auslese, Rivaner, Rotling, Dornfelder red wine dry

Since 1998 we grow the Dornfelder grape. We can present you a dry Mosel red wine of dark colour and a mild Rotling, bright red.
As alternative white wine we offer the Rivaner. A modern wine of the grape Müller-Thurgau, with a harmonic dry taste.

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